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Women Live Fearlessly

New book reveals real attitudes toward aging, relationships, careers, life…and more!

The media bombards women with images geared toward youthful beauty, from the latest skincare and makeup products, to clothes, shoes and accessories modeled by young, lithe figures. These unrealistic images can make some feel weak, invisible, fearful, and ignored – while others are empowered, fearless, strong, and determined. What separates one group of women from the other?

Women Want More

Timeless Women Speak of Feeling Youthful at Any Age, contains the secrets to feeling better as we age, based on years of research with women ages 20 to more than 80. The stories help women become more fearless, while addressing the challenges and concerns they face.

“Women are no longer willing to settle for less as they get older,” says Dr. O’Reilly. “We want and deserve more––energy, joy, rewards, and fulfillment. Too often, though, women compare themselves to other women, or to women they see in the media. I wanted to share stories from real women so we never feel alone.  The women I interviewed are inspiring and the goal of this book is to share and encourage, thus helping one another.”

Based on Research with Over 1000 Women

Dr. Nancy found in her research with more than 1200 women that virtually every woman struggles with some aspect of getting older. Fortunately, now you can learn their secrets for triumphing over age and living your dreams.

In Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful at Any Age, you will learn how:

  • To make yourself visible.
  • To succeed at work with younger co-workers.
  • To keep your relationship and heat it up!
  • To develop the career of your dreams.
  • To triumph over every life change a build the life you want.

All these solutions and more are revealed in “Timeless Women Speak.” Order now.

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What Women Are Saying

“The authors make a unique contribution to the literature on women because they discuss in detail, based on their research, the specific issues most troubling to women. This is a book that everyone in the family should read: grandmothers, mothers, and their daughters, as well as the men…read more testimonials

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  • Do you wonder who’s in the mirror when you accidentally see your reflection?
  • Still feel sexy and vital, but worry about your partner?
  • Feel like your boss no longer values you? Do you feel invisible?

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Get the combined wisdom of over 1200 women. Learn how women your age succeed with life’s  challenges.

  • Are you fighting to be taken seriously? Have unfulfilled dreams? Feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities? Worried about what’s coming next month or next year? Read this book for strategies that work!
  • Is it hard for you to depend on a man; do you feel torn between the demands of your family and your own desires; do you feel your career slipping away or worry about failing everyone? Get this book for solutions!
  • Are you tired all the time? Do you feel like time is running out on your goals and ambitions, yet want time to “just be me”? This book shows what works for other women.
  • answers from other women — order this book.