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Anne Akers Publisher of GLOW Beauty MagazineWouldn’t it be great if there were one place you could trust for everything you want to know about staying healthy, fit and vital inside and out? GLOW Beauty, Health and Wellness Magazine is that place. Anne Akers founded GLOW to pursue her mission to connect readers with the top sources in beauty, health and wellness through an interactive platform that includes print, digital media and special events.
The mantra for GLOW is “healthy bodies, radiant beauty and positive spirits.” That sounds so much like WomenSpeak and WomenConnect4Good, Dr. Nancy couldn’t wait to interview Anne and share this new resource with you.
Anne says health and wellness is in her DNA. Her father was an officer in the military medical service. Her grandmother was a hospital nutritionist. She felt inspired to go into health care, but not as a medical professional. Anne’s skill is providing resources and she did that first by publishing materials for medical professionals, then for the public. She started GLOW to share information that she has accumulated over the years and to connect women with resources and with other women.

Purpose Transcends the Individual

Dr. Nancy congratulated Anne on winning the Smart CEO/BRAVA Award for entrepreneurial spirit and sense of give back to the community. GLOW connects a not-for-profit organization with its readers in every issue. In the spring issue, it’s the Pajama Program, which provides pajamas for the underserved. The magazine is having a launch party and working with other organizations to raise proceeds for the Pajama Program. But Anne says it’s never about the individual; it’s about the cause. When you have a cause you can identify and move forward, it’s rewarding and fun.
Dr. Nancy says that a big part of the reward is how much fun it is to work creatively with so many wonderful women. Anne agrees that it is fun and when it’s about something bigger than ourselves, it produces an endless stream of energy.

Anne’s Service to the Community

While Anne serves on many boards, she is most proud of her service as Media Advisor to Shining Service Worldwide. Originally founded to honor returning female vets from Iraq, it’s continuing service for women vets includes make-overs from stylists and salons, restaurants hosting events and addressing other needs women may have coming home after being in armed conflict and away from their families.
Dr. Nancy commented that women returning from service have the highest suicide rates. She also noted that psychologists as a professional occupation began serving the military in the field. Today, more psychologists are going back out into the field to help soldiers deploy when they arrive and to prepare them to assimilate into society when they depart for home.

More about GLOW

Check out the many features in GLOW and sponsored events, in the digital issue or in print in New York, Long Island and the Hamptons. If you don’t find something you’d like to see covered, contact Anne directly at

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