Create Stability by Saving Money

Nationally Recognized Financial Expert Erica Sandberg
Are you a saver or a spender? Nationally recognized financial expert, Erica Sandberg says that most money problems come when people make serious mistakes in managing their money. Erica worked for 10 years as a Credit Counselor for Consumer Credit Counseling of San Francisco. Since then, she has founded her own company to educate people and inform them of key financial concepts that everyone can apply.
Erica admits that she is not really good with numbers, but that she cares about living the life she chooses and being free and independent. This can only happen when you know what is happening with your money.
As a regular contributor to Credit, Erica provides daily advice to people about how to create a safety net with their money and encourages our community to check out her column to learn anything you want to know about credit.

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