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Vanessa Halloum, author of The 5 Feminine Power VirtuesThe most empowering resource we have is being a woman, says Vanessa Halloum. She discovered that on one of the happiest days of her life, the day they laid her off as a VP of Marketing in the corporate universe.  She had been using masculine principles in her work that were contrary to her feminine nature. This contradiction–between the managing like a man and seeking spiritual development as a woman–caused an imbalance that felt like she was living a double life.

Now Vanessa helps other women learn how to harness their feminine strengths and become successful entrepreneurs while living happy and fulfilling lives. Her book, The 5 Feminine Power Virtues, has won multiple awards and was a finalist in the Women Issues Category of the 2012 Best Book Awards. Most of all, it teaches women what Vanessa learned about how to use their natural gifts to pursue their passion.

Male Competition Versus Female Collaboration

Dr. Nancy and Vanessa discuss how women and men differ in their approach to competition. Women aren’t comfortable with head-to-head competition, says Dr. Nancy, because girls are taught to be nice and pretty. Vanessa agrees and credits her husband with teaching her how to apply masculine forthrightness in business. She tells a story about how her husband convinced her to ask for more money when applying for a new job. She tried it and to her amazement, she got the higher salary.

Women tend to hold back unless they are 100% sure of something, while men will forge ahead when they are even 10% certain. And, Vanessa says, men can be so positive in their assertions, they will convince everyone to believe them. However, women will eventually burn out if they use masculine energies in every-day activities. If we look at nature, there is a lot more collaboration than competition. Vanessa points out how birds flying a pattern all know to turn left at the same time. Dr. Nancy agrees that being connected and using those connections to empower each other is our strongest feminine gift.

Learn More about the Feminine Essence

Join one of 500,000 listeners worldwide and listen to Vanessa’s BlogTalk radio show, Feminine Soul, and check out her online magazine, “Feminine Soul Academy.” They will all help you discover more about how your innate characteristics as a woman can be your greatest strength.


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