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Medical Intuitive

Patti Conklin

Patti Conklin is called a medical intuitive, and in this role she has created a system of self-healing called ColorWorks and ToneWorks, which adjusts the frequencies of the vibrations in our bodies to combat and even prevent disease. Patti says that disease is largely caused by fear. When we get a diagnosis, we fear the worst and create it through our fear. Patti herself had Lupus, an autoimmune disease for which there is no known cure. She used her system to cure herself several years ago and it has not reappeared.
In this interview with Dr. Nancy, Patti says that we all have the power and intuition to do this for ourselves. We must understand how our bodies work and how much our words affect our health and well-being throughout our lives. Dr. Nancy says that we live in a unique time. We have given our power away to the medical profession and expect pills to cure everything.

Quantum Physics Meets Western Medicine in Vibrational Healing

At heart, Patti says that she is a scientist and says people need both western medicine with its phenomenal technology and an understanding of Quantum Physics, which sees particulate matter as energy. They complement one another in patient care. Patti tells about how she has used her intuitive gift to help vascular surgeons during surgery. The two skills go hand-in-hand to provide healing. While she admits that western countries outside of the United States are more open to it, she receives frequent referrals from medical doctors.

The Power of Choosing How to Feel

God Within The Day God's Train StoppedPatti said the biggest lesson she learned from writing her book, God Within The Day God’s Train Stopped, was what being the observer meant. She finally understands that it’s up to her to put meaning into her life. She is in charge of her emotions; we all are. It’s up to us to assign anger, fear, love or happiness to an event. No one in the universe can make us feel those things. This is how we create wellness or illness for ourselves.
Dr. Nancy says when we get caught up in labeling ourselves and our situations, it eventually becomes our illness or part of our downfall. Patti agrees and adds that we have to accept the feeling and let go of it so you can move on.
Listen to this interview to find out more about Patti’s personal story, healing tools from her book and contacting her through her website, PattiConklin.com.

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