Finding Your LIfe's Purpose

founder of YourPurpose.comIf you feel incomplete and unfulfilled in your work or the way you’re living your life, you are not alone. How many of us feel certain that we are doing just what we are meant to do and using our talents to their full potential?
Baeth Davis faced that dilemma and in the process discovered that her purpose was to help others find theirs. She tells her complete story in this Conversation with Dr. Nancy. She tells how she faced suicide, then used prayer to release the world and ask for guidance.
Interestingly, the guidance came in the form of a skilled practitioner who used a system called, “Scientific Hand Analysis.” Baeth learned the system and now teaches the practice to others. Her reliance on her intuition is back. Now in the second phase of her purpose, she is writing a book, has offers for a TV show and more.
There is wonderful information in this conversation. What is happiness—really? And is it more important to listen to what others think or rely on what we know to be true in our hearts?
Hear Baeth tell her compelling story. Then visit her website for lots of free stuff, a free “Your Purpose” DVD, interactive information, a mini-training course and more. You can even become one of the 25,000 members of Your Purpose Community that learns more as Baeth continues to explore her purpose.

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