Gain More Energy in Life: Take Small Steps to Succeed

Health Professional, Professional Speaker and Life CoachWhat have you been putting off? Is it losing that extra weight, eating a more healthy diet, or simply taking a little time for “me?” If you have no time or energy left for yourself, you need to listen to this week’s amazing guest.
Michelle Cederberg says it’s a mistake to think you must take a big (unachievable) leap toward that goal. Ten minutes of doing something is more valuable than an hour thinking about it. Her book, Energy Now!: Small Steps to an Energetic Life
will give you a nudge onto the right path. You’ll create a healthier life and gain the energy you need to live well and succeed.
Michelle is a fitness professional, certified professional speaker and life coach. She combines mind, body, practicality and humor to inspire change. Her advice: “First accept responsibility for your own life. If you blame everybody else for what isn’t working, nothing will change. You must be in charge of your own success and happiness.”
In fact, this week’s conversation is all about taking charge. Dr. Nancy and Michelle talk about how women need to recognize their successes and accept compliments. If your mind is focused on positive outcomes, that’s what you’ll seek out. But if you’re constantly seeing gray, that’s what you’ll create.
Check out Michelle’s I Rock Exercise and list the things that “rock” about you.

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