Heart Health

Dr Neica GoldbergIf you were having a heart attack, would you know it? And would you do something about it, or would you finish cooking dinner for your family first?
Heart attacks are the number one killer of women. But the most disturbing fact is that we can prevent this needless death toll with two important actions: know the symptoms for heart attacks and don’t postpone medical care.
That is the message of cardiologist Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a nationally recognized pioneer in women’s heart health and author.
Dr. Goldberg serves on the New York City board of the Heart Association’s “Go Red” campaign and has been listed in New York Magazine’s Best Doctor list for several years. She is tireless in her efforts to promote women’s heart health and has appeared on practically every major media outlet, from “The Today Show,” The View” and many more, discussing women’s health and heart disease.
As medical director of New York University’s Women’s Heart Program, Dr. Goldberg works daily teaching future doctors and caring for women one on one.

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