How Can I Empower Myself

Lynn Rose, Empowering Entertainment“Entertainers have a responsibility to use their talent for good in the world,” said Lynn Rose in this Conversation with Smart Amazing Women. Dr. Nancy recently witnessed what Lynn means at the Lady and the Champ Conference. Lynn’s electric enthusiasm brought the crowd alive, laughing, cheering and ready to go out and tackle their most passionate purpose.

 Lynn is a singer-songwriter, emcee, host of radio and TV and one of the most powerful motivational speakers, Dr. Nancy has ever seen. It’s easy to think, “It’s so easy for her. She’s so talented; of course she can do it.”

But Lynn has a different story. Faced with challenges as a child, she built walls around herself to become more acceptable to the outside world. Ultimately she experienced a complete shutdown and literally lost her voice. Listen to hear the story of her journey back to her true self.

 “Speak from the Inside Out”

Lynn tells about the keys that enabled her to begin to find her real voice. Even after 15 years, she says that she continues to work on it. She says it’s essential to remain vulnerable, not judge others, stay true to your inner self and speak and act from your heart. Lynn also shares her keys to making one’s voice truly powerful.

Free Offers from Lynn’s website and WomenSpeak

Find out more about how to speak “With Out Walls,” through Lynn’s WOW Factor Training. Her website reveals many secrets of how to transform your message and fearlessly launch your passion, no matter what. Lynn offers many free gifts, including her “Defining Moments” vision exercise.

Find out how doing what you love can transform your life.

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