How Can You Make A Difference

Mentor, Trainer, Coach and TED X speakerBy asking how you can make a difference in someone’s life, you immediately transform your own. That’s the advice of Shantel McBride, the author of an amazing training program called, “Live Like You’re Dying.”
Shantel’s story is courageous and extraordinary. In a few short years, she has overcome a paralyzing fear of speaking in front of groups to be a successful trainer, coach and TED X speaker. She broke that “agreement with her fear that was keeping her small.” Shantel inspires with her simple message delivered in an authentic style that is straight from her heart.
In fact, she believes that your heart and spirit know what to do. It’s your brain that holds you back from achieving your purpose. Shantel shut down the message of her brain telling her she was afraid, her life was perfect as it was, how did she think she could live big.
Now she shares these concrete thoughts, “Start every day as though it were your last one on earth and think about how you can make a difference. Help someone else and you help yourself to be all you can be.”
Does fear hold you back from pursuing your passion? Check out how Shantel overcame her own fears and how she helps others live the life of their dreams … every day of their lives.

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