How Crisis Causes Renewal

Executive Coach and Leadership ConsultantHave you been sucked into the doom and gloom of the lagging economy, political stalemate, broken systems and world upheaval?
Susan Steinbrecher says it’s time to “clear the dust from our eyes” caused by the old negative belief systems and see who we truly are. Susan wrote Kensho: A Modern Awakening Instigating Change in an Era of Global Renewal
to show how creative and innovative thinking can shift things in a better direction.
KENSHO is a Zen Buddhist term that means “awakening to one’s true nature.” Susan and Dr. Nancy discuss how experiencing crisis can lead to renewal. After going through the worst of times, we emerge in a place of clarity, finding our purpose and understanding the role that horrible event played to liberate us from our old belief systems.
Susan is an internationally acclaimed businesswoman, leadership consultant and executive coach. Her earlier book, Heart-centered Leadership, showed how you can lead in a way that makes employees as passionate about the work as you are. KENSHO addresses business practices in terms of what underlying mental models are really running the show. To effect change in today’s world, we have to start with self, understand what is real and take actions authentically.
This conversation discusses how immediate visual exposure through the internet reveals lies and deceptions in a way that necessitates transparency of organizations and the people who run them. The “Shift Age” is increasingly apparent in this global phenomenon and requires connecting in honest, authentic ways to meet these challenges.
This conversation is full of uplifting insights into hope and renewal. It clarifies the importance of connecting with one another worldwide to heal the wounds of humanity and create positive change.
Check out Susan’s website,, to explore more of her amazing work.

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