How Do We Stop Bullying

Nationally Recognized Expert on BullyingThe most important thing we can do to eliminate bullying is to talk about it, says Jessica Brookshire. As long as people don’t admit it’s a problem, they will do nothing and victims will continue to feel isolated and alone. She says victims’ self-esteem suffers when they do not feel empowered to speak up.
Jessica’s path to her community service platform was the Miss Alabama Pageant. A victim of early bullying herself, she says her self-esteem dropped so low she was afraid to enter a college classroom. Through the Miss America Scholarship Program (the largest such women’s program in the country) she began to shine light on bullying that was hiding in plain sight.
Today, Jessica has spoken to over 200,000 children and 600,000 adults. She founded Kids Against Ridicule, Meanness and Aggression (, where you can learn all about it. She broadcasts her message further on her One Word Nation Radio Show on Voice America Network, Mondays at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. It’s all about empowerment. Check out her websites to find tools to make a difference.
Listen to this radio show conversation right now to hear more about Jessica’s work and how she and Dr. Nancy plan to transform Mean Girls into Women Helping Women. Together, we can end bullying on all levels.

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