How Media Robs Women of Power

leading expert in media, Rpr founderHave you become immune to the media images of young women in soft porn poses selling everything from lotion to underwear? If so, it’s time to wake up and notice the images being projected in front of men, women and children every day. Top media expert, Regina Kulik-Scully says everyone needs to vote with their wallets and their remotes. When you see something offensive, speak out. Advertisers are listening, reading blogs and scanning social media.
Regina notes that while we are careful to eat healthy foods and exercise, we neglect our psychic health, which is bombarded daily by demeaning images of women. She and actress, writer-director, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning movie, “Miss Representation.” They intended it to be a fire-starter, which is exactly what’s happening. The film has screened all over the country, is now available on DVD, and women are signing up in droves to receive daily and weekly e-mail calls to action on the website.
Dr. Nancy and Regina discuss how difficult it is for women to run for political office when they are sexualized by the media. Unfair labels deter girls from pursuing leadership goals and women have become complacent. It has been decades since feminism and women’s rights topped the headlines.
Get inspired, energized and educated; check out Miss Watch the trailer, schedule a screening. Open your eyes to the power each of us has to change the future if we raise our voices together.

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