How Self-Guided Imagery Helps Healing

Clinical Psychologist and Certified Family & Marriage TherapistConnecting our body, mind and spirit to promote healing is no longer regarded as a weird “voodoo” topic. Its current acceptance in mainline medical circles is largely due to the work of pioneer thinkers like Leslie Davenport. Leslie began cultivating these connections while pursuing a professional dance career. When a friend later became ill with cancer, she re-examined how these connections could be used for healing. Eventually Leslie became a psychotherapist and a founding member of the Institute for Health and Healing, which brings holistic care into the heart of conventional medicine at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.
Leslie and Dr. Nancy talk about how creating mental images is a natural part of being human. Usually this takes the form of worrying or fretting about something you said or did that you’d like to take back. Leslie urges people to turn that around and use their imagination to create positive change. In the clinical setting, she helps them “rehearse” for surgery, ease anxiety and relieve physical pain by asking them to describe and visualize safe places.
Her book, Healing and Transformation Through Self Guided Imagery
describes the practice, shows how it works through stories of real patients and provides guidance to help the reader get started.
Listen to this conversation that demystifies the body-mind-spirit connections. These psychology professionals share stories of changes they have seen people accomplish using simple, easy-to-master skills. Then check out Leslie’s website,, for free mp3s and articles that will introduce you to the power of this ancient practice.

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