How to Be Healthy Sexy Happy

Health Writer and author of Healthy Sexy Happy
Nancy Deville has found out how to look and feel her best at age 60. When people asked her how she did it, she wrote a book, Healthy Sexy Happy: A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You. In 12 easy steps, she tells how she lives well and nourishes her body “to build up more than it breaks down.”
In this conversation, Nancy and Dr. Nancy discuss how living well every day by meditation, exercise and eating whole foods can transform the way you feel at any age. Nancy describes how important it is to start at your own baseline, whether you’ve smoked or sunbathed or eaten junk food your whole life, you can create health and vitality by following the principles of Healthy Sexy Happy.
Learn more about the causes of degenerative diseases and what you can do to protect yourself with the right kinds of nourishment to become and stay healthy, sexy and happy.

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