How to Create Healthy Relationships

Relationship expert, media psychologist and authorHow can we create healthy relationships when we “like” each other more on Facebook than in person? We e-mail or text in code and rarely look up from our smart phones.
Dr. Judy Kuriansky says good relationships require time and attention. As the “media’s psychologist” she’s given the same advice for over 20 years, she says, because people have not changed. Romantic relationships especially take focus and acknowledgement. Couples should spend two nights a week together––away from children, cell phones and texting––and pretend you are getting to know one another for the first time. Ask questions and really listen to the answers like you did when you tried to impress each other. Staying present and involved in the interaction is what couples lose after years of familiarity.
Dr. Judy wrote The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship, 2nd Edition
to help couples assess their interactions and chart a plan for making them more exciting and interesting. It really isn’t rocket science. We all want to feel that our partner cares about us. Little thoughtful gestures like offering to carry something or help with a simple chore are signs of healthy relationships.
Dr. Judy and Dr. Nancy talk about the importance of self-love and self-esteem, the detrimental physical and psychological effects of abuse and the health benefits of spending time with friends.

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