How to Heal Yourself

Posted on July 7th, 2011 by Cathy Evans

Reconstructive Healing Practitioner

That is what Christine Upchurch teaches through the practice of Reconnective Healing. She is one of only four trainers world-wide qualified to teach this method, which promises almost instantaneous results. Over 65,000 people have taken the training so they can practice the technique founded and developed by Dr. Eric Pearl. The most famous of his six books is titled The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

Listen to Christine tell how her experience finding alternative healing for her cancer changed her life path away from a career as a statistician in conventional medicine to become a Reconnective Healing practitioner and trainer. Christine advises listeners to turn to the kind of medicine that will treat you best. If you have a “disease” for which conventional medicine, such as surgery or medication, offers little benefit, then look for something else.

Christine suggests we investigate the connections between our minds, our emotions and our physical health. With a guide like Christine, you’ll find there are many roads to health and healing.

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