How to Help Hurricane Victims

Red Cross Volunteer Case ManagerRegardless of the natural disaster, one international organization is ALWAYS there. For Hurricane Sandy, the Red Cross has helped 11,000 people as of October 31, put up 250 emergency shelters, served over 25,000 meals and snacks and fielded over 2,000 disaster responders in the 16 affected states.
This week Dr. Nancy talks with her friend and fellow crisis responder, Jami Peebles, Board President of the Greater Ozarks Chapter of The American Red Cross. Jami’s volunteer work takes her away from her job as Executive Vice President at Central Trust and Investment Company, Springfield, Missouri.
Jami and Dr. Nancy met while helping survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Jami describes helping a woman whose doctor and hospital had both been washed away in the midst of her chemotherapy. Relocated to Springfield, Missouri with no medical records,this woman relied on the Red Cross for immediate relief, safety and security, and hope. Find out what you should do to prepare your family for an emergency and where you can find an app to learn if family members are safe and well.
Donate to the Red Cross (91 percent of donations go directly to aid for victims). Give blood (The Red Cross provides 40% of all the blood and supplies are low because blood drives have been cancelled throughout relief areas). The Red Cross also needs volunteers to answer phones or help in many other ways. Links to many resources here.

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