How to Listen to Your Body

Inna Segal-Visionary Intuitive HealingInna Segal was tormented by chronic pain from a twisted spine. After seeking help from different medical modalities, she was still in agony. After one chiropractor told her that her body was stuck, accept it and go home, Inna got angry. She turned that energy into self-treatment that is nothing short of miraculous.

Inna pioneered a system that helps the body to heal at a deep cellular level. She calls it “Visionary Intuitive Healing®.” Her first book, The Secret Language of Your Body, describes the technique and is an international best seller and a Nautilus Award Winner. In its 5th printing, it is praised by both holistic and western medical professionals as a tool people can use to direct their own healing path, linking individual body parts and functions with their corresponding emotions. Most important, it guides you to link mind, body and spirit, not only to learn the language of your body, but to help it respond in healing ways.

No longer in pain, Inna has become a successful international speaker and best-selling author. Her recently released second book, The Secret Path to Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions, takes her Visionary Intuitive Healing® system further into healing past and present issues that truly affect emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.


I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Have you ever said this or something similar about how your life has become so overwhelming it’s making you sick? Inna’s method shows how that is actually possible. Expressions that come casually out of our mouths are real expressions of how our thoughts, emotions and body connect the dots of how we’re living our lives.

When Dr. Nancy asked Inna if her life was full of turmoil, she said that she remembered a lot of struggle during her childhood. Her family moved from Belarus, Russia to Australia when she was 10 years old. She didn’t speak a word of English. She struggled to fit in, couldn’t communicate with anyone and felt very different. She was plagued by psoriasis and other health problems. The fact that she was able to learn the English language caused her to think of listening to the language of her body as the key to her own healing. She started with breathing with the pain, then visualizing the body part that hurt. Finally, she asked for divine intervention and help healing both the source and the pain itself. With a change in perspective and relief from the pain, she was on her way to transforming her life.

Dr. Nancy pointed out that when a child doesn’t feel safe and secure, she can’t develop in healthy ways. Inna said her journey was full of discoveries about trauma, even extending back to her grandparents during WWII. Only her grandmother survived out of eight brothers and sisters. That struggle was handed down through the generations to Inna and ultimately challenged her to accept responsibility for her own illness and how to overcome it intuitively.

Today, Inna feels that she wants to do more than help people heal, she wants to help them transform their lives. Her books come with audio interactive sessions to guide the learner through the process. To learn more check out Inna’s website and explore her tools for self-healing.

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