How to Live Your Passion and Purpose

Posted on January 3rd, 2013 by Dr. Nancy

Kathy Andersen "changed her shoes" from corporate success to hiking boots to find that she could transform her life, and that her purpose was to help others find their purpose too.Do you feel that something is missing from your life? That lack of fulfillment for Kathy Andersen was rooted in her traumatic childhood of abuse. She left home and surrounded herself with all the trappings of success while feeling empty and unworthy on the inside. Then she literally “changed her shoes” and discovered what a wonderful loving person she is and that her purpose is to help others discover how they can find their purpose too.

Her 5-time award-winning book, Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life tells her story of how she became empowered by telling her story and starting a journey of the change she chose to create. She and Dr. Nancy talk about how we don’t choose the traumatic things that happen to us, but when they happen, we must make choices to survive and find our passion.

This conversation is full of ideas about how to overcome the busyness that fills our lives and give ourselves the gift of insight into the Devine person we are. Kathy talks about how important it is to share your story in a way that is honest about how it makes you feel. That’s the only way to liberate yourself from the past and create your own future.

Dr. Nancy reads a quote from Kathy’s book that spoke to her, “Love yourself; love your life; love someone else.” Kathy says that she was doing the opposite and looking for love on the outside in order to love herself. Sound familiar? Kathy says that she didn’t begin to find her passion until she could forgive herself and know that she deserved better.

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