How to Perform for Success

Performance Psychologist, University Professor, Lawyer and International Speaker

Dr. Mollie Marti applies the toolbox she uses for elite athletes to business and to life to help women make the greatest impact and “live their best life.”

As a performance psychologist, university professor, lawyer and international speaker, she has coached Olympic athletes and business superstars, written three books and founded BestLifeDesign. Her work now aims “to help people live intentionally and be empowered with life with a strong focus on service to others, which gives life meaning.”

This Conversation with Dr. Nancy is packed with advice about how women can enrich their lives. Typically women get caught up living the script society writes for them. Especially today with internet-owned businesses, women compare themselves to other women instead of creating their own measuring stick. Many women respond to life from a sense of what they don’t have and what they haven’t accomplished rather than what they have.

If any of this describes you, check out Dr. Mollie’s book, 12 Factors of Business Success: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success, and learn how to develop your own “success mind.”

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