How to Survive A Crisis

Author, Ski Patroller, Paramedic

Kim Kircher

Have you had to face losing your most cherished loved one? Kim Kircher lived with the threat of losing her husband, first through cancer treatment, then for another 150 days while waiting for a liver donation. She used her training as a paramedic on the ski patrol team at Crystal Mountain in Washington as the means to manage her own crisis. Her book, The Next Fifteen Minutes: Strength from the Top of the Mountain, not only tells her story, but also serves as a guidebook for others about how to manage a crisis in 15 minute increments, the true deadline ski patrollers use for saving a life on the mountain.
Kim highlights her story in this conversation and she and Dr. Nancy share experiences about crisis management. Kim, who is a Type 1 Diabetic, talks about the importance of keeping yourself healthy, getting help with care giving and the importance of organ donation.
Practical advice about how Kim focused the concept of living in the moment into 15 minute increments to help herself and her husband survive their life-threatening crisis.

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