Understanding Male-Female Communication

Founder of Gender SolutionsIf you think communication between men and women is a puzzle that cannot be solved, listen to this conversation with gender communication expert, Jane Sanders.
Jane has studied gender communication since childhood, beginning with her own brothers and climbing the ladder to become a top salesperson in the male-dominated corporate world. She applied that experience almost 20 years ago by forming her consulting company, GenderSmart® Solutions, to help company management understand how to create successful working relationships for men and women. Her insightful book, GenderSmart® – Solving the Communication Puzzle Between Men and Women , focuses on the key elements in masculine and feminine communication styles.
Jane says the key thing to understand is that what matters to women in work situations is creating and sustaining relationships, while men focus on status. It’s genetic and has endured through the generations to shape our behavioral patterns today. However, we are not one or the other. Everyone has elements of masculine and feminine styles. Sometimes we’re direct and outspoken (masculine) and other times we want to share and compromise (feminine). The point is to be authentic and real in your communication. Men need to improve their listening skills and women need to speak up when they have great ideas.
Jane is an amazing expert in this field with 95% repeat and referral clients from some of the biggest and most long-lived corporations. Management has learned that to attract and retain talent, they must develop productive workforces. The highest productivity results when communication among all employees is flexible and inclusive.

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