How Women Can Change the World

CEO of Medelia, Inc. and founder of WomenCertified

Delia Passi

If women decided to boycott the largest retailer in the world, Delia Passi says the company would go broke. That’s the power women could exercise if we spoke with a collective voice.
Women make 85% of all buying decisions and 90% of all health care decisions. If we like a service or product somewhere, we’re quick to share it with other women. Yet we haven’t harnessed that power to make the world a better place.
Delia is the leading authority on how to sell to women. She launched Medelia, Inc. and founded WomenCertified to help women change their lifestyles for the better, support brands that women can trust and give women a voice to shape markets to serve their needs. Her goal is to get a million women on the panel of WomenCertified who will weigh in on what they want.

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