Why Manage Stress

co-founder of Women to Women Clinic and author of Are You Tired and Wired
Nurse Practitioner, Marcelle Pick wants you to ask yourself these questions: Are you racing through your day afraid that if you sit down, you’ll stop? Or are you simply overwhelmed, exhausted and trying to cope with everything and everyone who needs your care?
If neither of these describes you, congratulations! You are in the minority. Hundreds of thousands of women are multitasking themselves into chronic stress and adrenal dysfunction. It’s not just about gaining weight any more; it is seriously harmful to your health.
Amazing guest Marcelle Pick tells just how bad it can be for you physically, emotionally and mentally in her new book, Are You Tired and Wired. Marcelle is a nurse practitioner who co-founded one of the first clinics for women by women in 1985. Women to Women Clinic specializes in women’s health care and she has seen every aspect of the harmful effects of overwhelming stress.
Find out about Marcelle’s work and her enlightening analysis and advice for women piling on too many stress-producing tasks and what adrenal dysfunction could mean for you.

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