New Ideas Create Success

Business Consultant, Speaker, Author

Rebel Brown

Profit for profit’s sake is an old business model that doesn’t work any more.  Rebel Brown says it’s time to “Defy Gravity” and think in new ways. Women have the natural gifts for success in today’s business world. Her book tells how we must shift our thinking from the old gravity producing ways to match what people want today.

 Women build relationships and communicate and that gives us a huge advantage in today’s economy and business climate. But we have to realize that we are naturally wired for it and know that we can. It’s all a matter of mind over mind. We are also wired to think in old patterns that hold us down—gravity.

This spirited conversation with Dr. Nancy outlines the many qualities women have to succeed and how we must learn to support one another to empower ourselves and other women in business and in life.

Learn how Rebel defied her own gravity and the results of her research that shows amazing success in new businesses started since 2007 in this economic time.

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