Protecting Yourself and Your Daughters From Human Trafficking

I just gave my new copy of Karma to my 16 year old grand daughter.  Nancy Deville, the author has worked to build awareness and to prevent the horrendous money making business of Global Sex Trafficking.  Human trafficking is real, young children and women are being sold all over the world and it is a billion dollar business.  Today their is a child being sold to an owner as a slave, a sex toy, and who will used as a piece of meat.  There is a young women being kidnapped as she travels in Europe or a young woman who answers an ad that promises her a new and better future.  They are kidnapped, drugged, imprisoned, made to prositute themselves, have babies that are sold, and when they are no longer of any value they are killed and their organs are harvested for sale.  This is real and is not something we cannot ignore. After reading Nancy’s book I gave it to my 16 year old grand daughter, Alexis.  We talked about the book and even though it is a novel it was written to explain how the process of human trafficking works. She is reading it now and we will discuss when she reads it. 

Too many young women are affected by the media that constantly show them young, beautiful women rich, famous and revered celebrities. They are made to believe this is where their value lies in their bodies and in their beauty and being wanted by everyone.  Young girls easily can become victims of those that use the medias influence to prey on their emotions and desires.  Some young women come from poor and dire straights and are looking for a better life for themselves and their families. They also answer ads that suggest that good jobs await them and once they go for interviews they are kidnapped and the human trafficking begins.

How many young women and children are enslaved today is hard to say but it is into the millions and the US is not absolved of this horrendous practice.  It does not matter if you are rich, educated, and you think you are savy….these people know what works to trap you. Never travel alone and always know where you are going and never accept invitations from men, women or even a child you do not know.  Women and children are used to trap women and other children into slavery. 

Nancy Deville, is the expert and if you want to learn more about organizations and ways you can help and be better informed go to our web site now and listen to our conversation and follow links to her website. I urge to get your head out of the sand….I assure you I will do my part to save as many women and children from slavery and sex trafficking as I am able. Please join the Womenspeak Project and help us protect us all from the horrors of sex trafficking and global human trafficking. This is no joke and it is real and right now their is a women or child that needs our help