Sharing Stories Empowers Women

Writer and Advocate for Women's Positive Self-ImageWas there a moment when someone’s thoughtless comment changed your life completely?
British author, Julia Hague calls that a “pivotal moment” and it is the theme of just one of the wonderful stories in her book about real, beautiful women, You is for Unique – Women’s feelings about body image and self-esteem .
Her love of  people and interest in storytelling led her to write about the stories women told her through the years. Her self-published book became so popular, her readers chose her to carry the Olympic torch in London this summer. Look for her on July 24, carrying the torch in honor of her many women fans.
Most of the women Julia interviewed felt they were alone and that they should keep their experiences secret. But Julia decided it was essential to tell these stories in a way that women would know others shared those same experiences.
Julia and Dr. Nancy compare differences and similarities of women’s images in the United States and Great Britain: how the U.K values women politicians and the U.S. media sexualizes them and denigrates their intelligence, how strong women have survived childhood bullying to become leaders and much more.
Listen to this friendly conversation and become empowered by these stories of other women. Then visit to find out more about Julia’s mission and the charity her book sales benefit.

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