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Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D.

Dr. Nancy motivates, energizes and engages audiences, drawing on her rich life experience: clinical psychologist, crisis responder and director of an employee assistance program, philanthropist and lifelong advocate for women.

Dr. Nancy speaks at both large and small gatherings and will tailor any of these topics for your specific audience. Her topics can be combined for a weekend conference or retreat.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Nancy. She will gladly work with you to develop a dynamic program specifically for your audience.

Her key messages include:

  • Find your voice, speak up and be heard
  • Effects of media on a woman’s self-image
  • Take care of your health and vitality
  • Cultivate mental toughness
  • Create a productive and harmonious work environment
  • Give of your time, treasure and talents
  • Connect4Good for personal and professional gain
  • Mentor other women and girls
  • Embrace every stage of your life

Keynote Speaker Packet

Dr. Nancy’s Most Requested Keynote Speech Topics

Dr Nancy O'Reilly

A Motivational Speaker in
Empowerment Means Being Seen and Heard

Women often struggle to find their voices—and to make them heard.

In this 50-minute keynote Dr. Nancy:

  • Shares the story of how she found her voice
  • Provides examples of individuals (like the audience) who made an impact
  • Demonstrates how media images affect women’s self-esteem and aspirations
  • Outlines women’s current situations and opportunities for impact
  • Shows inspiring and affecting video of women’s history of activism
  • Encourages mentoring
  • Offers 11 concrete ways to be seen and heard

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Corporate Motivational Speaker in
Create a Productive and Joyous Work Environment

For this two-hour interactive workshop, participants take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter beforehand to discover if they are a Guardian, Rational, Idealist or Artisan type. Dr. Nancy discusses characteristics of the temperaments represented in the work group and helps co-workers understand their relationship dynamics. Topics include personal and common goals, characteristics of a joyous team, effective relationship skills, roles learned in family of origin, counterproductive behaviors, workplace strengths of Millenials, Generation X and Baby Boomers, constructive confrontation techniques, and the power of attitude.

Program Benefits:

Workplace productivity and satisfaction improve when participants learn to value themselves and others, to collaborate more successfully, and to deliver and receive constructive evaluation.

Inspirational Speeches in
Soaring In A Multi-Generational Workplace

Generation Y, Generation X and Baby Boomers bring different gifts, interests and priorities to the workplace. See how the differences enable co-workers to understand, mentor and support each other to improve workplace performance. An overview of 12 unifying trends for women’s roles points the way to maximizing your impact.

Program Benefits:

Enable co-workers to better work with members of other generations to reduce conflicts, increase mutual appreciation, and improve workplace productivity.

Guest Speaker for
Mental Toughness: Take Care of Yourself

The caring professions may endanger themselves by giving too much to others. This lighthearted trip through a simple 10-item scale helps your members assess their strengths and opportunities for growth. They derive a “number” that helps them connect with others throughout your meeting. Six concrete steps inspire improved self-care.

Program Benefits:

Provides encouragement and specific guidelines and tools that enable people who work in the helping professions to reduce the negative effects of burnout.

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Professional Speaker
The Magic of Mentoring

Women of every age say they want mentors, and many have never found them. Specific strategies and approaches enable women to make themselves appealing candidates for mentoring and help them learn where to look for and how to approach potential mentors. Dr. Nancy also offers guidelines for developing and managing relationships with mentorees.

Program Benefits:

Provides concrete steps to enable individuals to find and become mentors.

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Woman Inspirational and Motivational Speaker
Timeless WomenSpeak

Dr. Nancy’s decade of research with women of all ages reveals women’s changing needs. Did you know that older women actually worry much less than young women? The generations have much to share with each other. Learn tips from smart amazing women on navigating each life stage.

Program Benefits:

Creates an understanding of the common concerns and challenges faced by women as they go through their life course. Demonstrates to the audience that they are not alone in their concerns but instead have a shared experience with others.

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Female Guest Speaker
“Refire” and Reinvent Yourself

Don’t think about retiring! You are far too young and vital to take yourself out of the game. Instead, “Refire” and approach your life with renewed interest and energy. Here are strategies and inspiration for pursuing the life you have always dreamed of but never thought you’d have.

Program Benefits:

Counteracts the symptoms of malaise and withdrawal, and enables people to re-engage and share their talents with the workplace, the community, and the world.

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Keynote Speaker for NonProfits

Connecting with others helps our families, our communities, our world … plus, studies show it’s GREAT for our health. It’s vitally important to invest our time, talent and treasure in social-profit organizations because we’re all connected. We are all responsible for each other’s well being. If one part of the chain is weak, the whole chain is weak. Connecting with others at work, at play or at home is also the best way to have FUN.

Program Benefits:

Inspires the audience to re-engage with others in pursuing a cause that has meaning, and to recommit their time, talents and treasure.

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