Spiritual Fitness

Author of Spiritual Fitness

Dr. Nancy Mramor

Amazing guest, Dr. Nancy Mramor suggests that you practice spiritual fitness to prepare yourself for times of crisis. She has written an award winning book with exercises and day to day practices to guide you through your workouts. Spiritual Fitness, The Non-Denominational Care of One’s Soul contains stories of personal triumph including her own miraculous recovery over advanced leukemia.
Dr. Mramor has the distinction of being honored with a finalist COVR Visionary Award that was also bestowed upon the Dalai Lama in the same year. She is a licensed health and educational psychologist, international speaker and spiritual fitness coach. She works with schools, businesses, hospitals and makes extensive media appearances to encourage everyone to incorporate spirituality into their own wholistic health practice.
Many of us forget our spirit in our busy lives. Dr. Mramor says you must always stay connected to live your purposeful life and also to maintain complete health: physically-emotionally-spiritually.

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