Achieve Success Beyond Your Dreams

Critically Aclaimed Author of Dream Big!
What did you want to be when you grew up? Did your dreams diminish with age or did you dream big? Deborah Rosado Shaw survived her childhood in a South Bronx neighborhood to build a multi-million dollar company and wrote a book about her journey, Dream Big! –A Roadmap for Facing Life’s Challenges and Creating the Life You Deserve.
Deb says that she couldn’t even imagine living the life she lives now. Her first goals were to have electricity and eat food with brand names. People believed in her and she clung to this belief and her own vision of the life she could live. Now, Deb serves on the Board of Pepsico, operates her own successful company, has won numerous awards and inspires audiences world-wide with her story of how she faced her own fear to go beyond what she could imagine.

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