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Why Follow Your Intuition to Your Dream Job

Sue Frederick Career Intuitive and AuthorWhat if you followed your true life’s purpose and loved living and working every day? That is what Sue Frederick is working to make come true. Sue arrived at her dream job after the death of her husband when she was 29 years old. Dr. Nancy gained clarity on her purpose after the ending of a 42-year marriage. Both agree that finding your purpose can be an extremely painful reinvention process.
Sue says these life-changing events show us the lessons that we need to learn. If everything goes along smoothly, we get in a rut and can get off the path we are to follow in order to achieve our life’s purpose. Sue says the painful experience of divorce, death, being fired, etc. is a wake-up call. Once the horrible event is over and we embrace the change, we often enter the most fulfilling and productive time in our lives.
Sue’s book, I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do, combines practical knowledge, spiritual teachings and intuitive recognition so anyone can recognize the most perfect career for them.

Obstacles to Achieving Your Dream Job

Dr. Nancy says that fear is the biggest deal breaker of all. For women to find their power, they must overcome their fear. Sue tells how when she used to teach Outward Bound in the 70s, she brought people to things that made them physically fearful, like rappelling down a 500 foot cliff.She says that fear has its own energy. If you let that fear-energy stop you, you are in trouble, but if you use it to propel you forward, you can thrive.
The “victim mentality” is another obstacle. Sue said that she could blame the doctors for not diagnosing her husband’s illness, but she chose to use it to learn and pursue her path of reinvention toward meaningful work. Dr. Nancy talks about the empowerment tools in her e-book, “Claim Your Power.” She explores how people get stuck when they wallow in the “poor me” attitude. Both women agree that when someone breaks your heart, it’s time to ask yourself: Who am I really? Why am I here? What is my future? We too often do not ask those life-changing questions until we are hurting.
Finally, responding to the experience with ego-induced superficial responses to the event will also hold us back. Sue says it’s the personality and the ego, like thinking, “My body is not pretty enough or I’m not smart enough,” that beat us up and make us feel even more pain. She says, “Once we get in touch with that inner voice and our higher self, we re-discover the divinely perfect soul that came here to go through these challenges to evolve and help others evolve. …That will get you out of bed in the morning and get you in the right direction.”
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