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Why Become Spiritually Awakened

“How to walk the path of love, not fear.”

Dr. Linda Ferguson, Author, Life Coach, Keynote SpeakerThis was the life lesson that Dr. Linda Ferguson felt people needed to learn after the trauma of 9/11. She was promoting her first book, Path for Greatness: Work As Spiritual Service
and leading workshops on how to integrate our spiritual lives with our work. When her students began to ask her, “How do we show up for our life in a spiritual way?” she realized that she needed to write a second book about how to disconnect from the fear and darkness of trauma and show up from a place of love in everything we do.

“9/11 Knocked Us Off Our Pedestals.”

Dr. Nancy compares 9/11 to the Titanic. We believed that we were safe and nothing could harm us. We tend to live in a myopic box until something disrupts our outward calm. Then we reach out to a higher power. Linda says that we need to reach out every day and express gratitude for little things, the earth that nourishes the food we eat, the rain that gives us the water for our shower. This daily practice of appreciating the little things that work well and showing love in small ways to everyone we meet is the key message in this conversation and Linda’s newest book, Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand: Awakening Soul Consciousness for the New Millennium.

“I create conscious loving relationships with everyone in my life.”

Linda created this statement when dealing with rebound relationships after her divorce. She says that the secret to being spiritually awakened is knowing that you can choose how to live your life. While this sounds simple, the practice requires commitment and persistence. She and Dr. Nancy discuss how to create the kind of day you want: Do you want to be a victim and be grumpy or do you want to make the best of it? When we choose the path of love, we empower and transform our lives.

Check out Linda’s website for more information about videos, meditations and to sign up for her transformational series.

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