The Link Between Stress and Heart Disease

speaker, writer, coach and heart health advocate

Lynette Crane

Woman Heart Champion, Lynette Crane tells her eye-opening story of her own surprise heart attack. She pioneered stress education in the ’70s at San Francisco City College. The topic was so new to psychology she had to write the textbook for the course. Yet her knowledge did not protect Lynette from having a heart attack herself.
Now Lynette is a heart health advocate, a speaker, coach, trainer, writer and founder of Creative Life Changes. She was also honored with the designation of “Woman Heart Champion” for her work in community education, support and advocacy for better research.
In this 30-minutes conversation, Lynette describes surprising symptoms that may indicate you are having a heart attack. She also shares ways to reduce stress from her free booklet, “Stop Your Stress Now: Quick Ways for Busy People to be Stress Resistant.”
February is Heart Month and we all need to take the pledge and start paying attention to our own bodies. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women over 20 years old? Don’t become one of the women who die — ONE EVERY MINUTE — of heart disease.

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