The Power of Personal Growth

Founder of Your Life Unlimited
Stephanie Staples cares passionately about personal growth. She warns people not to wait for others, but to seize control themselves. It’s the most empowering experience to take control yourself and make the little continuous changes that create a lifetime of personal growth.
How would you like to become the person you would most like to be with? Stephanie’s Canadian website,, is full of free ideas, motivational video messages and a free journaling guide to help you start TODAY on your own unique path.
Nominated several times for Winnepeg’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Stephanie hosts both a radio show and a TV show and is a busy motivational speaker, consultant and coach. Stephanie and Dr. Nancy share ideas about the benefits of living in the present. And Stephanie tells the discoveries that have occurred “When Enlightening Strikes,” which is also the title of her book.
Learn more about what Stephanie calls, “uncommon success,” and how to begin shaking up old habits that might be stunting your own personal growth.

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