What is Genshai?

I started this New Year by attending the Genshai Mastery Retreat in Coronado, California. This wonderful program took place in a local community theatre building, a setting that highlighted every speaker as a uniquely special person. At the same time, we all relished the cozy friendly atmosphere in which we could share as sisters and brothers in the family of humankind. It was a wonderful experience.The stories, which were told by women and men who emerged victorious after facing trauma and tragedy, gave inspiring evidence that none of us are small. For some of our speakers, a single person in their life had been able to turn things around for them. For others, their personal vision pulled them through and gave them the strength and focus needed to achieve their life purpose.The retreat featured Kevin Hall, author of Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words, who told the story of how he discovered the secret word, Genshai.

What is Genshai?

Genshai is an ancient Hindi word that means “Never treat others, or yourself, in a way to make them feel small.

Why is there suddenly an interest in Genshai?

Kevin told of traveling to Vienna, Austria to consult with Victor Frankel’s family about a statue to salute Victor’s dream of communicating responsibility to be installed on the west coast of the United States. He met a man there who told him about Genshai and who invited him to sign the Book of Greats. The Book of Greats contained signatures by Victor Frankel, Mother Teresa, many of Gandhi’s family members and others we would consider to be great. When Kevin said that he was not worthy to sign the book, he was made to understand the meaning of Genshai. We are ALL great. At the end of the Genshai Retreat, each one of us signed the Book of Greats.

How has Genshai helped me?

It was a wonderful way to get clear on my journey with WomenConnect4Good. It supported what I have been saying for many years now, “We are all connected.” And it emphasized how intimate that connection is. When we help another person, we help ourselves. You cannot give a hug without receiving one in return. When you reach out to another to uplift her, you uplift yourself as well.

How can I help spread Genshai?

When another woman reaches out to you, put aside your personal fears and preconceptions and accept her as one of the greats. By empowering another woman, you empower yourself. We are all sisters in the human family. Check out some of the activities in our Connect4Good section and see how women are sharing their time, treasures and talents to work for good. By living according to the Genshai principle, we all Connect4Good.

I’m staying connected with some of the wonderful friends I met at the retreat. Watch for the Conversations later in February and March with these Amazing Women:

  • Kim Flynn urges us to create MasterMind groups and retreats connecting women together. “don’t worry,” she says. “Your business isn’t doomed. Reach high and believe in yourself. Play BOLD!”
  • Shantel McBride helps build teams in companies so they can work well together.
  • Tara Starling, a former beauty queen and make up artist urges us to understand our inner beauty. Resist market pressures to create false images of yourself.
  • Bridget Cook is an author of transformational books like “Living Proof.”
  • Judy Hoff solicits donations and hosts high-end fashions shows as benefits for domestic violence causes, featuring survivors as models.

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