What Is The Best Worst Thing That Can Happen

Holistic Health Counselor, Speaker and AuthorThis is the question that Kristen Brown asks her stress management clients and audiences. Kristen became a young widow and single parent of a toddler overnight when her young husband suffered a heart attack. The sudden shock of loss forced her to re-examine her life, and she went on to achieve a master’s degree in Integral Theory and become a certified holistic health counselor.
Equipped with the credentials, learning and experience to help others, Kristen became known as “The Queen of Stress Relief.” She founded the websites WidowMommy.com, and the HappyHourEffect.com. She also became an award-winning entrepreneur and wrote her memoir, The Best Worst Thing: A Memoir,
and broadcast a web TV Show.
Kristen and Dr. Nancy discuss why we are reluctant to change and the dead-end effects of staying where we are. Kristen says the number one driver of stress is fear. We are all afraid when we step out of our comfort zone, yet we must if we are going to achieve anything. Kristen says change is a good thing and encourages everyone to ask themselves, “What is the best thing that could happen and conversely, what is the worst?”
If you are not living the life you want completely and thoroughly, listen now. Then check out Kristen’s websites for more amazing stress reduction advice.

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