Why Is Girl Talk So Important

Founder of Girl Talk, speaker and authorGirl Talk is the brain child of Haley Kilpatrick, who started it at 15 years old to help her younger sister navigate through the bullying, peer pressure and drama of middle-school. An older high school girl mentored Haley at the end of her own “drama years” and she was amazed to find out that most girls go through the challenges of being called hurtful names and other peer pressures. She vowed to help other young girls and founded “Girl Talk.” Now 10 years later, Girl Talk Chapters reach 35,000 girls in 43 states and 6 countries.
Haley wrote a book to help desperate parents help their daughters traverse through the bullying, branding and imaging of middle-school. It was released in April, 2012 and reached its 3rd printing after only 4 months. The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School — Bullies, Brands, Body Image, and More
was written after conducting more than 2,000 hours of interviews. It tells real stories of real girls so that all girls will know that they are not alone.
Middle-school girls want to talk, Haley says. They spend all day listening: in school, at home, in their extra-curricular activities. They are in a confusing place with one foot in childhood and the other in the adult world. Their bodies are rapidly changing and they need to find their own voice and feel that their opinions are valued. Girl Talk Chapters provide a vehicle for high school girls to mentor middle-school girls, develop programs to do community service for others and value their self-worth.
Listen to this conversation and find out more about the three key actions that help middle-school girls develop into capable young women who inspire others to make a difference. Then check out Haley’s website www.desiretoinspire.org, to find out everything about Girl Talk: how you can help, how you can start a chapter, sponsor a girl, or get on board. Girl Talk needs mentors, board members and more.

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