Why Make a Difference

National Child Welfare SpecialistHave you ever noticed how one simple act of kindness can transform someone’s life? Rhonda Sciortino says that it empowers people when you show them they are worthy of kindness.
In her book, Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through: Learn How to Acquire the Five Points of Prosperity
, she tells her own amazing story of survival and success. Rhonda’s inspiring story begins with being abandoned as a baby then living in filth and poverty, where her caregivers abused her in numerous ways including withholding food as punishment. Finally, when she was 14 years old, one teacher showed her how important she was, which empowered Rhonda to become responsible for her own survival.
This conversation reveals the lessons Rhonda learned, which made her commit to encouraging others to be that one person who makes the difference. Living with the shame of abuse, she learned to give herself permission to deserve and accept good things in life. By doing this, she eliminated the power the abusers had over her. She declared emancipation, became self-reliant, got a job at 15 and began to live her life.
Whether you provide simple acknowledgement of something done well or take the time to mentor and be a role model, you may make the difference that empowers a younger woman to go on to empower others.
Check out Rhonda’s website to learn more about her wonderful work and buy her book to read the complete story to truly understand how to shed the long-term effects of abuse and transform that experience into successful living.

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