Why We Need to Help Other Women Succeed

Small Business Trainer and Consultant

Kim Flynn

Helping other women play big and bold at business is Kim Flynn’s passion. In the beginning, her vision was limited. Should she be a schoolteacher, nurse or hairdresser? She chose schoolteacher because it fit with being a stay-at-home mom. She tried it and was miserable. This go-getter was bored and restless.
After teaching for three years, Kim started her first business at age 22. She grew it to 30 people teaching more than 150 children per week, but she says she was still thinking too small. Now Kim trains other women to play big and open their eyes to limitless possibilities in business. Working as a consultant she has earned two business awards and recognition as Woman of the Year.
She and Dr. Nancy talk about how important it is for women to support other women in their business ambitions, how valuable it is to find a woman to mentor you and how rewarding it is to help another woman achieve her dreams.
Kim urges women, “Get your foot off the brake and encourage other women to do the same.” Learn more about Kim’s free e-training and other tools in this inspiring conversation.

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