Why Women Should Run for Office

Political Activist, Speaker and WriterHave you ever dreamed of running for office? You should, says Susan Rose, women’s political activist, public servant and writer. Susan says that when women are elected to office, they create laws that affect the lives of women and children, like childcare, education, violence against women and civil rights. Yet only 17% of members of US Congress and only 20% of state legislators nation-wide are women.
The 2012 Project is a national non-partisan campaign of the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) to increase the number of elected women. With the 2010 census redistricting, 2012 offers a unique opportunity for women to increase their numbers in political office. Most important is that if you want to run for public office CAWP can help with local resources for financing, campaign planning, national connections and training workshops.
Susan says women can win if we run. Susan herself served 8 years on the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors. She started her public service to fight the sexism in the textbooks that were given her daughters. The Textbook Projects were legendary in the 60s and were among the first efforts of The National Organization of Women.
Susan and Dr. Nancy discuss objectification of women who run for office and how that deters many women from running. They also address how most women are fully qualified to perform as public servants. Dr. Nancy says if a woman can run a household and care for a family, she has the qualifications for public office.
There is so much more for women to accomplish. The Equal Rights Amendment, for example. So much work left to do and women still don’t have equal rights under the law. Sigh!

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