Women Empowered by Tapping into Unique Self

Posted on September 30th, 2014 by Dr. Nancy


Lisa Mininni

Bestselling author Lisa Mininni, says that women become empowered when they pay attention to the hard-wiring that makes them unique. Lisa had to face a near-death event to wake her up to her own unique talents and accept the direction that sent her to ultimate success in business and in life.
Lisa’s experience in navigating change in corporations, combined with her own natural intuition about how to guide people through the process, lead her to found her business, Excellerate Associates, LLC, which is now known in 11 countries and works with large and small entrepreneurs. It also lead her to write her bestseller, Me, Myself and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change and host her online radio show, “Navigating Change” on Blog Talk Radio.

 How Unique Self Plus Systems Approach Equals Successful Business

Lisa admits that for the first two years of her business, she struggled to make it profitable. Then she found the key, developing systems that worked with her own unique qualities.  She says that systems allow you to tap into your own hard-wiring. When that happens, it’s not work any more and it becomes naturally profitable.
Your unique qualities are the hard-wiring that you are born with. Lisa says they become evident at about two years old and stay with you throughout your life. She stresses that they are not the same as your behavior, which changes throughout your life depending on your experiences. When you create a business model in line with your hard-wiring – instead of someone else’s model – it motivates you, your employees and your customers too.

Sharing Stories Creates Empowering Relationships

leading-women-cover-191Today’s business is all about relationships. Lisa says that when you share your stories, people are drawn in. You are interesting and people are interested in what you have to say. That open sharing is what she likes about the collaboration it took to create the book, Leading Women. The book brought 20 powerful, leading women together to share their stories and expertise to help other women.
Sharing our stories so we can learn from one another is a form of mentoring. Dr. Nancy and Lisa both express the need for more mentors. Lisa says that she appreciates the opportunities she has now for mentoring both men and women.

Lisa’s Empowering Business Strategies

To find out how to get more clients, more money, and create a business you love, download Lisa’s new free e-book, “Get More Clients Now!” from her Excellerate Associates website. Listen to this interview for more inside tips and advice from this top entrepreneur and check out her chapter in Leading Women, “Four Lessons from a Tire Iron,” with four indispensible lessons to empower yourself for success, now available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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