Women Empowerment | How Your Beliefs Can Guide or Misguide Your Life

Author Tipping Sacred Cows

Betsy Chasse

After producing the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” Betsy Chasse became the expert on quantum physics and traveled the world speaking about how consciousness works. She taught the new age concepts of the laws of attraction and creating your own reality. She told others, “Think it and you will be happy.” Yet she found that she wasn’t really happy herself.
Her newest book, Tipping Sacred Cows: An Uplifting Story of Spilt Milk and Finding Your Own Spiritual Path in a Hectic World, tells how she stopped seeking enlightenment. Instead, she faced facts, got divorced, became practical and accepted the simple fact that she would not always be happy.

It’s Just Life

Betsy says that being practical may appear very unsexy and unspiritual, but it was her best solution to making life easier. The most practical thing she did was change her perception of things. She says that some days will suck and some will be outstanding, with lots in between. We can’t control that; what we can control is the way we perceive it. The most empowering thing for Betsy was the realization that she doesn’t have to have a meltdown over an unexpected event. She says we get to choose lots of things: the way we perceive it, respond to it and use it to achieve what we want.
Dr. Nancy agrees that conflict creates opportunity and that she likes the Chinese symbol that means both chaos and opportunity. The important thing, she says, is to take responsibility for your life. Too many people blame other things or other people for their life circumstances. The key to resilience is to continue to look at challenges as opportunities for change and for learning. Life is a process, she says. And she feels that sometimes she is the teacher and sometimes she is the student.

 The Power of Thought

Book Cover Tipping Sacred CowsBetsy still has a strong belief in the power of thought. The most powerful thing about our thoughts is what we are thinking, we believe. What we believe about everything around us causes us to act in particular ways. For example, if we’re consumed with thoughts about what a jerk our significant other has been and have decided to end the relationship, we won’t even see the beautiful flowers he sent, even if they’re right in front of us.

More on Sacred Cows

Check out Betsy’s blog, her radio show, speaking schedule and her book. Her story is full of empowering messages and candid admissions about her own life as a single mom that we can all relate to.

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