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Understanding Male-Female Communication

Founder of Gender SolutionsIf you think communication between men and women is a puzzle that cannot be solved, listen to this conversation with gender communication expert, Jane Sanders.
Jane has studied gender communication since childhood, beginning with her own brothers and climbing the ladder to become a top salesperson in the male-dominated corporate world. She applied that experience almost 20 years ago by forming her consulting company, GenderSmart® Solutions, to help company management understand how to create successful working relationships for men and women. Her insightful book, GenderSmart® – Solving the Communication Puzzle Between Men and Women , focuses on the key elements in masculine and feminine communication styles.
Jane says the key thing to understand is that what matters to women in work situations is creating and sustaining relationships, while men focus on status. It’s genetic and has endured through the generations to shape our behavioral patterns today. However, we are not one or the other. Everyone has elements of masculine and feminine styles. Sometimes we’re direct and outspoken (masculine) and other times we want to share and compromise (feminine). The point is to be authentic and real in your communication. Men need to improve their listening skills and women need to speak up when they have great ideas.
Jane is an amazing expert in this field with 95% repeat and referral clients from some of the biggest and most long-lived corporations. Management has learned that to attract and retain talent, they must develop productive workforces. The highest productivity results when communication among all employees is flexible and inclusive.

How to Live Your Breathtaking Future, No Matter What

Motivational Speaker, Best Selling AuthorAre you completely happy with the life you live? Few of us are. If there is any little niggling thing that you’d like to change, listen to this conversation with Lisa Nichols.
Lisa is an utterly inspiring woman who wrote No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love, the book that took only 37 days to hit multiple best sellers lists including New York Times. She has won major humanitarian awards, is an unforgettable speaker who has shared her message of living life the way you want “no matter what” with millions of people world-wide.
Lisa encourages everyone– you, too –to figure out what has been missing from your life and shed its shackles so you can move on to live today according to your principles, no matter your background, experience, challenges, people or barriers that stand in your way. She believes that you can’t sit around and wait for it to happen to you. You have to flex your character muscles and develop the skills to make it happen.

Develop the Power of Receiving

Author, Coach and CounselorIf you live by the old adage, “It is better to give than receive,” you’re probably running around multitasking and taking care of everyone else, without giving anything at all to yourself.
Author, counselor and life coach, Amanda Owen explains that giving without receiving is simply not natural. To be healthy and happy, we need to do both. For 20 years, Amanda studied the process of receiving. Her amazing book shows us how to break our self-destructive habit of constantly giving and teaches us how to develop the skill of receiving. It’s called, The Power of Receiving: A Revolutionary Approach to Giving Yourself the Life You Want and Deserve.
Amanda explains how learning to accept compliments, being grateful for what you receive, quitting complaining and staying in a receptive state just by stopping to listen and observe can transform your life. Once we develop receptivity, things get easier. We feel replenished and naturally have more to give.
Most important of all is to cultivate a daily habit of asking for what you want, right now and always. Amanda shares mottos and ideas, which can help women avoid burnout and balance their activity with receptivity.

Women Are Their Own Worst Enemies

Women need to help one another, and all women need to learn to be financiall stable,

Moxy Women are taking care of the world

Moxy Women are taking care of the worldIt is not often you meet someone who you just click with and as they say “are on the same page” with you. I have been blessed so many times I have stopped counting. I have been surrounding myself with smart, amazing women for over 10 years and in the last three years.  Not surprising,  I found some there are a lot of really smart, savvy women out there.  I began my radio show “Timeless Women Speak” over three years ago.  This is a radio show for women and about women, especially smart, amazing women who really want to help other women be at their best.  What I mean “women being at their best” is being a  woman who take care of her finances, she  takes care of her health and fitness and she has good strong, healthy relationships (that includes herself). She does not let her age define who she is or allows it to block her in any way. She is passionate and wants to make her mark by making a difference in other women’s well-being and understands the value of having a sisterhood to truly flourish.

I want to introduce you to one I think you will enjoy knowing.  She is what  she calls herself a MOXY WOMAN.

You may be asking what is a Moxy Woman??

I asked Jean that very guestion and she gave me words to describe a Moxy Woman (fiesty, passionate, dedicated, loyal, full of life) and on and on.  I call  Jean Harper, the CEO and Founder of Women Taking Care of the World the first and the original Moxy Woman.  She said she started this amazing group of amazing women to bring them together to help women all over the world. So comes the title “Women Taking Care of the World“. 

She is determined that all women understand their own uniqueness and inner beauty and personal power. She has dedicated her life and made this her mission for her sister.  Her sister was a victim of domestic violence and recently died of cancer.  Her sister was beautiful person but lived with violence and was not able to truly experience her own inner beauty and power. Jean explains, she was unable to free herself from feeling unworthy and that she lived each day in fear. Jean says no woman in her lifetime should feel this way and she is out to make sure what happened to her sister never happens to another woman.

Sadly, domestic violence continues to be a major social issue that is often ignored, denied and continues to grow.  Jean is fighting that each and everyday and is recruiting Moxy Women to join in her battle and crusade to change the world for women to feel really special about themselves.

I am proud to say Jean Harper contacted me and gave me the title of being a Moxy Woman. I have never been prouder to tell people I am a Moxy Woman and the neat thing about it  the Women Speak Project is also about bringing smart, amazing women together to help other women.  Jean and many other smart, amazing, moxy women are joining forces and we want you to come along. We want to hear what you have to say, how you want to help or be helped.

Together there is nothing women cannot accomplish

I do not want to hear these words and I hope you do not want to hear them either. I do not want to hear….”first woman to………….”.  I want there to be no more barriers for women no matter what their age or circumstances. 

You can learn more about Jean Harper and being a Moxy Woman at www.moxywomen.com.  Please join Jean and I and lets all be “women taking care of the world”.  I want to personally thank Jean Harper for her vision, her passion and her unselfishness and her deep dedication to women and making sure they have better lives. Bravo Jean…You go Moxy Woman!!

Amazing Women Find Their Zip and Zest for Life

Women lose hormones as the years pass. As early as age 30 women’s hormone levels begin to drop as does their zip and energy. Find ways to find your passion and enthusiasm again.

I Have a Gun and I am Out of Estrogen….Are You Safe?

I recently purchased a handgun for personal protection.  I have handled guns and have shot both shotguns and hand guns but never owned by own gun.  It is a strange feeling to walk into gun store pick out the gun of my choice and within seconds be cleared and able to purchase and walk out of that store with a high powered handgun.  I guess I am still wondering about it all.  I know I am not going to go out and rob a bank or shoot my neighbor or get mad at my hubby and blow him away.  I am not about to “make my day” as Clint Eastwood warned the bad guy when he played his famous character, Dirty Harry.  I have a gun and yes I have been out of estrogen for many years.  I will respect my gun and use it only if someone I love is threatened or I am personally in harms way.  I will use it if I have to and that is why I bought it.  I have learned since telling others about my recent purchase I am not alone. The number one purchaser of handgunsare women and they are packing.  Many of them are buying guns and going out and getting a “cancealed weapons license”.  This means they are able with this license to carry this weapon in their purse, brief case, backpack or carry with a shoulder harness on their bodies.

I must admit this is what I also am in the process of doing. I am planning on taking an all-day class which if I pass the exam will allow me to carry my weapon on my person.  Wow, I have even looked at shoulder harnesses and clips that would attach to my belt.  Women are taking their second amendment right to carry a firearm.  I guess sooner of later many of us decide that is time to take the initiative to protect ourselves and those they love.  I have fired it several times and each time I fire it I know this is serious business.  I want to be comfortable and proficient with this gun.  I have decided to also name her. Yes, she is a female.  I have friend and her gun’s name is Molly.  I think my gun should have a very strong, exotic name like Sonja , Silvia or Brandy.  I will decide soon.

Have you thought about getting a gun to protect yourself?  I will keep you posted on my progress and whether or not I get my concealed weapons  license.  I will be honest I have not done well with my target shooting so I need to practice a lot.  I promise I will not forget the danger and safety needed when you have a gun in your home. It has a safety and when my kids or grand kids are around it will get locked up.  It came with a very nice gun lock with a key and everything.  I hope this story as “made your day” and you know you must learn to protect yourself and never find yourself a victim of a violent crime ever. Overall I think there are really good people in this world but there are also some really nasty characthers.  Have a safe and great life.

Women and Children Are Abused Each Day

You know I often hear someone say “I thought we solved that problem”.  Well the incidence and problem of domestic violence and child abuse has not been solved and still exists.  In fact to be honest the numbers continue to increase.  The ever increasing numbers do not reflect that many women do not report the abuse and women and chidren are still dying. I think we need to get up off our fannies and do more to end this problem. I love to hear when I find someone who is willing to do just that. Here is Melanie’s story:

I recently received a note from Melanie Luke. Melanie is a women making a difference for other women. She is 3rd year nursing student at the University of Ontario.  She saw things that made her angry, made her want to speak out …so we are going to help her to do just that.  She is first of all wanting the City of London to wake up and help them with their women’s shelter.  The Women’s Community House (WCH) is located in London, Ontario and provides emergency shelter, second stage housing, and transitional support for abused women and their children. They need help and want to send out an appeal.  I know for a fact this is only one of many shelters that need help and almost every community has a shelter that is housing these victims of violence.

The reports indicate there is rise in all types of abuse, the economy has not helped and we need to help when and where we can.  Here is Melanie Luke’s contact information: mluke@uwo.ca.  Contact her, join her and help her find the needed support for this important shelter.  We cannot let these women and children suffer in silence.  If you are a victim of domestic violence you have a hotline in your community….call it and/or have someone you trust help you. We can all help and prevent and end this problem. Oh by the way it does not matter what your social status, your education, your religion or how much money you have…abuse is blind and affects all walks of life.  Help a woman or child you suspect is a victim of abuse. Lastly, if you are a victim of abuse do not feel guilty and you did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment….you have worth, value and you matter to us all.

The Power of Empathy

Sad but true we will all lose someone we love.  We may lose a beloved pet or a Grandparent we dearly love. None of us will miss this major life changing event unless of course we ourselves head out sooner than expected.  My father recently crossed over.  I like to say that because that is my belief that our life is a training mission. I cannot imagine any of us can get it right the first time. Oh well, I will not bore you with my beliefs or crazy thinking. It just makes me feel better to think someone I love leaves and finds a much better place. Just like in the “Tale of Two Cities” when the aristocrats are facing their death and he says to his beloved: “it is a far better place we go to.” Doesn’t that just make it better knowing there is a party up there waiting for us when we go “home”?
OK, I am off subject again. I was telling you about my father’s passing.  He was almost 91 years old and he had been at the mercy of the terrible disease, Alzheimer’s.  He stayed at home and mother took care of him.  He really beat all the typical symptoms of this disease and he remained sweet, considerate and helpful up to the time he took his leave. He smiled and even though he did not know who you were he was always ready with a smile and a greeting.  His passing took a brief 6 days once he began his last journey and during that time my family told stories, bonded and held each other and we all said our goodbyes and well wishes to my father.  We knew the time would come but when he took his last breath we held ours thinking we would hear one more.  When it did not come we cried and held each other and began to put together a celebration of a life full of purpose and meaning which we knew many did not know about.  It gave us all a chance to tell the world how special he was and how much he had done while on this earth. It made us all feel humble when we examined a life well lived full of love, faith and dedication to the God he served well. We gained much in this life lesson.  What we also learned is how much people care and want to support you when you lose a loved one.
I am still getting cards almost three weeks later and I am humbled by the kindness and words of support I receive almost daily.  It has made my mother and my family stronger and better with this out pouring of love and empathy.  It is with the support of others that we can withstand anything, no matter how hard it may be.  I want to thank so many people for this support and I can only say that we humans have an amazing characteristic to give to others during really difficult times. It makes living worthwhile when I see what we do for one another. I am blessed and I think we all share a common invisible bond that is there when we need it.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I think it is a good time to reach out and call  someone you have not talked to in a while.  It is a great time to  lend your love and support to others and I promise you will feel wonderful and so will the person you reach out to.  If you are having a hard time for whatever reason, reach out and I promise there will be a helping hand to hold and to lift you up. We are in this together and so we might as well enjoy this ride we call “life”.

Women Who Help Other Women Are So Amazing

FLiP Female Leaders in PhlianthropyToday I had the privilege to meet with 12 spunky, successful women who are taking their professional experience, their money and  time out of their busy schedules to help women  transition from poverty.  These are just a few of the woman who are helping other women to become self-sustaining women caring for themselves.
They are often alone in the care of their children. By simply donating gently used business clothes to give to women who need work clothes seems a simple way to help other woman.
The mentoring and the exchange that takes place between a woman who has made it and a woman who really wants a better life can be so very powerful.  There can be no better feeling watching another woman find her joy, and surprise that there are so many women who care about her well-being.

Just One Woman Helping Another – That’s All It Is

The Suit Yourself Program is not about money it is about the respect and kindness one woman gives  to another woman.  She gains  self-confidence and pride in herself.  You cannot measure any of this in dollars, gold, or any material stuff.  This is about one woman helping another woman along.  Can their be any better reward?  I think not!

A Simple Way to Help Another Woman

Do not let the day go by without helping one of your sisters along, it can be as simple as a kind word or a  pat on the back.  Make today a better place for woman by giving her a hand up……not hand out….You both will gain so much.  I am proud to say I am one of these woman and the  Women’s Initiative of the United Way can help women who have fallen on hard times pick themselves up and make better lives for themselves and their children.  We all must help to bring another woman along if we want this to be a better world for her and especially her daughter and her grand daughter.

Have a great life…Dr. Nancy
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