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Post Holiday Blues Workplace Survival Guide

Post Holiday Blues Guide
If you’re going back to work today, how does that make you feel?

  • Crabby?
  • Anxious?
  • Groggy?
  • Can’t concentrate??
  • Or just too exhausted to tackle the pile on your desk?

If you’re happy and eager to get back to work. Stop here. Get busy. Don’t waste your time.
But if you’re like most of us, post holiday blues is a fact of life. So keep reading. This could be your survival guide for turning your traumatic first days at work into triumphant productivity.
Between jobs? Take notes. This could be a great way to bridge the gap and create an action plan for the New Year.

Step 1 to Beat Holiday Blues

Welcome routine as your very best friend

  • Resume regular sleep patterns:
    Everyone knows that the best ammunition for being alert through the day is a good night’s sleep. We just feel better and handle the challenges of the day easier. It’s also easier to get to sleep if you do it the same time every day. Set the alarm for 8 hours later, and you’ve taken the first step to crush the post-holiday blues
  • Resume your regular eating schedule and make healthy changes.
    Now that the holiday overindulgence is over, you can give your body the rest it so desperately needs. In fact, that grogginess you feel could be a sugar hangover from all those holiday cookies, candies and cocktails. If you still have goodies left-over and can’t bear to waste them, taper off to ward off post-indulgence remorse…that “party’s over” feeling.
  • Get back to exercise.
    If this wasn’t part of your regular schedule, make it so. Exercise is the best way to energize and wake yourself up so you can tackle that big to-do pile.

Step 2 in the Holiday Blues Survival Guide

Tackle the to-do pile

The very best way to get rid of post-holiday work anxiety is “just do it.”

  1. First of all re-visit what you had left over before the holiday. Is it still a priority? Have new priorities emerged while you were away.
  2. Recheck that list then get started.
  3. Don’t lose sleep over it, get it done and feel better fast.

Step 3 to Survive Holiday Blues

Nurture workplace relationships

  • Share the load.
    Are you in the enviable place where you can delegate? First of all, remember everyone is coming back from the holidays. Everyone has a pile of work to do. Be kind and understanding to your fellow-workers and/or employees. But  open your mind to sharing the load  and the glory with  someone else, who may have the skills to move your projects along more easily.
  • Take time with colleagues.
    If  your workplace rules allow it, share your holiday adventures around the water cooler. Laugh at the funny things the kids did and tell the great new jokes you heard. If you like your job, probably a big part of it is the people you work with. Re-establish bonds and energize your workday with a boost of endorphins. Our bodies actually get a boost of feel-good hormones after interaction with friends and spontaneous laughter.

Step 4 in Overcoming Holiday Blues

Reward yourself.

Great job! When that first stack of to-do’s is done, pat yourself on the back. Choose something you really like to do that doesn’t cost much in time, effort or calories. Maybe a massage. A winter pedicure. An hour to read that book you started. You know what you enjoy. Choose some activity to congratulate yourself for a job well done.
You’re in control, back on schedule and ready to tackle the next challenge.
 Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist, researcher, and founder of the online resource WomenSpeak.com, named one of the 100 Best Empowerment Blogs for Women. She has devoted her career to educating, motivating and empowering women. Dr. O’Reilly has a large extended family that has experienced the usual mix of life’s changes.

Mild Depression: Beating Post-Holiday Blues

Nancy2011DayofCaringBreakfastLots of people feel let down after the holiday season. Maybe the celebrations, joy, gift giving, parties, and gatherings with friends and families really weren’t all you had hoped. Maybe your holiday was downright awful. It’s enough to make anyone feel anxious and depressed.

10 Tips for Healthy Post-holiday Recovery

  1. Were your holiday expectations manageable? Don’t beat yourself up. Set realistic goals for yourself in the light of what you’ve just been through.
  2. Pace yourself and spread out your activities over time rather than trying to focus on just one day. Give yourself a break.
  3. There is room in real life for also feeling sad.
  4. Leave “yesteryear” in the past and look to the future. Each season brings something new to be enjoyed in its own way.
  5. Do something for someone else.
  6. Enjoy activities that are free.
  7. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Excessive alcohol can increase feelings of depression.
  8. Try something new for your New Year.
  9. Spend time with supportive and caring family and friends.
  10. Save time for yourself to re-energize. Get others to help with activities.

Fabulous Four Bonus Tips

  • Keep physically active
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat regular and healthy meals
  • Avoid overeating.

Regardless of what your holidays were like, remember, it’s a wonderful life. This is not a dress rehearsal, so make the most of your one trip through.

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We know many married women have high or unrealistic expectations about the holidays and get all bent out of shape if theirs is not a replica of the Norman Rockwell scene in their homes. I also think we forget that for the single woman it is just as tough when the world is screaming “be married and have a couple of kids.” There are single women who are out there everyday wondering where they fit in a society that discounts and ignores single adults.

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Missourian Award Acceptance Speech

I am honored to have been nominated for this Missourian award and to join the ranks of the amazing prior recipients. Some of these people I know well, including my husband Larry O’Reilly, my brother-in-law, Charlie O’Reilly and my dear friend and sister in-law, Mary Beth O’Reilly.

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Resources for Health and Beauty

Anne Akers Publisher of GLOW Beauty MagazineWouldn’t it be great if there were one place you could trust for everything you want to know about staying healthy, fit and vital inside and out? GLOW Beauty, Health and Wellness Magazine is that place. Anne Akers founded GLOW to pursue her mission to connect readers with the top sources in beauty, health and wellness through an interactive platform that includes print, digital media and special events.
The mantra for GLOW is “healthy bodies, radiant beauty and positive spirits.” That sounds so much like WomenSpeak and WomenConnect4Good, Dr. Nancy couldn’t wait to interview Anne and share this new resource with you.
Anne says health and wellness is in her DNA. Her father was an officer in the military medical service. Her grandmother was a hospital nutritionist. She felt inspired to go into health care, but not as a medical professional. Anne’s skill is providing resources and she did that first by publishing materials for medical professionals, then for the public. She started GLOW to share information that she has accumulated over the years and to connect women with resources and with other women.

Purpose Transcends the Individual

Dr. Nancy congratulated Anne on winning the Smart CEO/BRAVA Award for entrepreneurial spirit and sense of give back to the community. GLOW connects a not-for-profit organization with its readers in every issue. In the spring issue, it’s the Pajama Program, which provides pajamas for the underserved. The magazine is having a launch party and working with other organizations to raise proceeds for the Pajama Program. But Anne says it’s never about the individual; it’s about the cause. When you have a cause you can identify and move forward, it’s rewarding and fun.
Dr. Nancy says that a big part of the reward is how much fun it is to work creatively with so many wonderful women. Anne agrees that it is fun and when it’s about something bigger than ourselves, it produces an endless stream of energy.

Anne’s Service to the Community

While Anne serves on many boards, she is most proud of her service as Media Advisor to Shining Service Worldwide. Originally founded to honor returning female vets from Iraq, it’s continuing service for women vets includes make-overs from stylists and salons, restaurants hosting events and addressing other needs women may have coming home after being in armed conflict and away from their families.
Dr. Nancy commented that women returning from service have the highest suicide rates. She also noted that psychologists as a professional occupation began serving the military in the field. Today, more psychologists are going back out into the field to help soldiers deploy when they arrive and to prepare them to assimilate into society when they depart for home.

More about GLOW

Check out the many features in GLOW and sponsored events, in the digital issue www.GlowBeautyMag.com or in print in New York, Long Island and the Hamptons. If you don’t find something you’d like to see covered, contact Anne directly at akersnyc@aol.com.

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