Why Are Women Leaning Out At Work?

Responsibility? Some women think they already have enough. According to a new study by researchers at Harvard Business School, there’s no gender gap when it comes to thinking that a

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Why You Need To Take Credit For Your Work

Today’s women-helping-women movement is all about collaboration, not competition. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take credit for your work. In fact today it’s more important than ever to know

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Leading Women Win The World Cup

If you watched the recent Women’s World Cup Final, you saw some amazing leading women on the field. As Leslie Grossman pointed out on her Leadership Blog, they radiated leadership

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Holiday Gifting Blog

A couple of years ago, I started making my dad cookies for Christmas. I had run out of ideas for him. He has every power tool known to man or woman, no longer wears out his clothes and has more magazine subscriptions than he can possibly read in his lifetime. He also has a diabetic wife who no longer bakes like she once did. Having sampled the store-bought cookies at their house, I saw a void I could fill.

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The First Christmas After Divorce

A life time of magical Christmas Days can create unrealistic expectations for feelings of happiness and joy. When we’re children, we’re eager for Santa bringing gifts and all the goodies

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