Financing Your Home In Today’s Economy

Have you tried to get a mortgage loan lately? Recent rule changes established for loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two very large government-sponsored enterprises, have tightened lending

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What Our Parents Teach Us About Money

When I was growing up, I remember hearing my parents discuss money. It wasn’t usually pleasant: my father loved to find bargains, while my mother’s nickname was “Mrs. Rockefeller” for

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Enough With Hating Other Women

Have you ever noticed how hard women are on other women? They don’t only dis other women in high school or at cocktail parties. Non-feminists hate feminists; some women columnists

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Step Into Your Best Self

Watching Maria Shriver on the Today Show reminded me what women can do when they feel empowered to be their best selves. Each of the star-studded presenters at the 2010

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