Help With Getting Older

A publisher asked me recently how the book Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful At Any Age differs from other books for women at midlife. Dr. Nancy’s research with over 1,200

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Feminism's Generation War

I’ve  heard midlife women fretting recently that younger women today aren’t feminists and that they think all the battles have already been won. Not so, according to a very smart

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Divorce and Your Estate Plan

Protect Your Financial Future Maintaining your financial security, and that of any dependent children, is one of the toughest challenges you are likely to encounter when facing a separation or

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Increase Your Earning Power

Follow these steps for increasing your earning power. Provided by the Ozarks Alliance of Professional Organizations. STRATEGY KEY CONTACT ACTION TARGET DATE Job Performance Get employer expectations in writing. Ask

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How Do You Spell Success?

by Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP and Candace Bahr, CEA, CDS* Success In case you haven’t heard, women’s financial stars are on the rise. Women now hold almost 50% of all

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Are You an Enterprising Woman?

Do You Want Your Own Business? By Candace Bahr, CEA, CDFA Do you dream of having your own business? More and more women each year discover the excitement of being

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Vacation on a Budget

by Suzanne Morey Are your vacations so hectic that you need to get back to work to relax once you return?  Are you still paying off your last vacation while

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Back on Budget

If you think budgeting is too much work, think again. It’s not brain surgery! These simple steps might get you back on the path toward your savings goals. Where does

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