You Bet Your Life: Advocate for Yourself

Few things can turn your life upside down as quickly as a health crisis. It ranks right up there with a tornado. Our expert offers advice on how to talk with your health care team.

Amazing Women Find Their Zip and Zest for Life

Women lose hormones as the years pass. As early as age 30 women’s hormone levels begin to drop as does their zip and energy. Find ways to find your passion and enthusiasm again.

Change the World

Are you are angry about some injustice? Or do you wish you could help someone who needs it desperately and has no where to turn? Do you feel powerless to help?

This amazing young woman will inspire you to get engaged in what you care about and take action to change the world.

Dallas Jessup At 13 years old, Dallas Jessup, a Martial Arts Black Belt, saw a news clip about a girl who was abducted and murdered. She realized that this could have happened to her or any of her classmates. She also thought that if this girl only knew a couple of self-defense techniques, she could have escaped.

Dallas embarked on a journey to make a difference with a home movie. Her mother suggested she take a scriptwriting class; her teacher asked permission to share it with others. 100 extras with celebrity appearances, professional staff and $600,000 worth of donations later, “Just Yell Fire” was offered for free on-line.  It had over one million downloads in two years and has launched a non-profit effort to protect young people from abduction, rape and abuse.

Now a college student, Dallas has written a book, telling the amazing stories of other “kids” who took action to change the world. Her book, Young Revolutionaries Who Rock: An Insider’s Guide to Saving the World One Revolution at a Time, is an inspiration to everyone to stand up and make a difference.

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