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Creating Social Change With and For Women

Sarah Acer founded Align Communication & Creative as an experiment to see if she could work on projects that created social change with women who shared her values to do

Teaching women to use special talents and speak up

Use Your Special Talents and Speak Up

Kathy Caprino helps women discover their special talents and learn how they can use them to light up the world with the career of their dreams. Once a successful, but


From My Heart to Yours

Dr. Nancy’s daughter, Ragan Thomson is a healer, spiritual coach, and divine facilitator. Her life and work intentions are to raise consciousness, bring forth light to humanity, and heal one

Gender Equality

What Adolescents Think About Gender Inequality

As a successful NYC advertising professional, Cheryl Benton knows a thing or two about creating media images that create public perception, which is why she was disturbed when she saw

Award-Winning Journalist

What Are The Three Most Powerful Words?

Award-winning journalist Michele Weldon used to ask her students at Northwestern University what the most powerful three words are. No, they are not I love you, as many would have

Co-Founder, Speaker, Producer, On Air Personality See Jane Do

Creating Powerful Magic from Working in Sisterhood

As a self-proclaimed media maven, speaker and visionary for women and social justice, Elisa Parker has co-founded several organizations to support women, including the award-winning multimedia program “See Jane Do,”

President of Selling in a SKIRT

How to Help One Woman a Day

As a bestselling author and President of Selling in a SKIRT, Judy Hoberman’s goal is to help one woman a day. Her newest book, Walking on the Glass Floor explains

Danna Beal

How to Spot a Great Leader vs the Boss from Hell

Workplace culture expert Danna Beal contrasts the qualities of great leaders with the fear-based leadership often encountered in the workplace. You know, “the boss from hell.” Dr. Nancy’s new book,

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