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Patricia Jerido

Make Room for Social Justice

Patricia Jerido has earned her MSW, and served over 30 years as an advocate for social justice, so when she founded Leadership Matters Consulting, she engaged her skills to help


A Woman’s Guide to Winning Leadership

Rebecca Sive is a self-proclaimed fierce and devoted advocate for women’s full participation and leadership in every sphere of public life. She is also a lecturer at the University of


Leadership Lessons from Horses

The transformation of her life and career as took place during her first experience with a horse, recalls Evelyn McKelvie, Executive Coach, author and founder of Equine Coach. She describes


Leverage Your Strengths for Mutual Gain

Guiding teams down their paths to ever-greater success is the passion of Consultant and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Marcia Friend-Berkson. When her marriage and business with her husband ended, her


Do What Gives You Joy

Global Keynote Speaker and Women’s Leadership Expert Holly Dowling chooses every day to do what gives her joy and uses her driving passion to inspire other women to do the


Women Use Your Power to Persuade

Presentation Specialist, Deborah Shames, is on a mission to help women overcome their stage fright and use their voices to tell their stories.  Deborah is convinced that when women hold


Connect with Success

Tasha M. Scott became “The Success Connector” when she discovered she had to connect with her true self and her faith to build  a foundation for success on the inside


Finding New Purpose after Nearly Dying

As an  award winning public relations professional and successful small business development consultant, Nancy Michaels’ life was perfect on the outside and crumbling on the inside. With a marriage on


Make Friends with Your Ego

Cate Montana is a prolific writer and teacher who urges us to make friends with our egos. As a classic overachiever, Cate went after enlightenment with a vengeance and after


Share Your Story and Move On

Award-winning storyteller, Michele Weldon seemingly had it all, the perfect marriage with a handsome, charismatic man, three sons, and a successful career in journalism, but the truth was very different.

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